I’m Rebecca McGrane, CEO & Founder of Authentic Health.

In 2015 I began providing full time care for one of my parents. In December of 2016 the other parent was diagnosed with a terminal, inoperable condition. February of 2017 I learned that I will, once again, need to re-design the way Authentic Health delivers Evidence-based Holistic solutions for everyday wellness.

I ask for your patience and understanding as I work through this difficult season of life. I will continue working from a foundation of abundance, providing food and fitness programs focused on empowering others to experience more of the lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and food habits we all know we should have, but many of us struggle to develop.

I am thankful for all life experiences and look forward to finding the joy, happiness and healing which I know is to come.

Meaningful Fitness

30 minutes of exercise doesn’t equal the same results. Your fitness plan should be meaningful to your lifestyle.

Food Dexterity

We all know we should eat more vegetables, but actually doing it is an entirely different story!  My Food Dexterity program teaches you the skills to easily navigate your food habits.  Review the entire guide for free.


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