ISO: Vegan Friendly Registered Dietitian for Recipe Creation

I am looking for a Vegan Friendly Registered Dietitian for Recipe Creation.

Check out the project below


The purpose of this project is to deliver one (1) set of five (5) different vegan recipes for readers to explore a specific ingredient. One (1) recipe for each standard meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) plus two (2) more recipes appropriate for a snack.

The total project has a total of 24 specified ingredients. The specified ingredient is to be used as the “star” ingredient. The current request is to complete one (1) set of five (5) recipes. Based upon your delivered product you may be asked to create the remaining sets.

  • Breakfast recipe should be the largest meal
  • Lunch recipe should be the second largest meal.
  • Dinner should be the lightest meal.
  • Snacks should have one suitable for evening/bedtime and one for morning or afternoon.

Recipe Guidelines

  • Recipes should be built using whole foods.
    • No commercial meat, dairy, or poultry substitutes may be used as ingredients.
  • Recipes should be written in American English using grams, milliliters and liters.
  • Nutrition values for complete recipe as well as per serving should be included.
  • Macronutrient percentages are required for each recipe.
  • Bean curd and tempeh are okay to use.
    • No TVP or TSP.

If you have any questions, schedule a zoom meeting using this link for us to discuss your questions. You will be able to share your preliminary questions when scheduling to help us maximize our time together.

Rebecca McGrane


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