Why I Eat My Vegetables First

Eating vegetables is a good thing. I believe this 100%. In fact, it is one of the very first things discussed and tracked with my Health Coaching clients. Every program covers this core Nutrition Habit. Eat your veggies!

But, the timing of my vegetables is something of a conversation starter while seated around the table at conferences and networking events. While most start with their proteins or fast-carbs I begin with my vegetables. I eat at least half (more often ALL) of them before bringing in the proteins & fast-carbs. This always results in at least one person at the table asking my WHY I eat my veggies first.

My first reply is typically a simple one: “Just something I prefer.” I could of course blind everyone with the science behind why I prefer this, but my approach has always been to add positive, sustainable habits that meet others right where they are with their lifestyle demands. For many this is a perfectly suitable reply with no further discussion sought. It keeps everyone in a good frame of mind and I am not dominating the conversation, something my great-grandmother warned against during social settings.

But then there are those instances when several around the table want to know more about “Veggies First” preference. This blog series shares these conversations from over the years.

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Good. Better. Best. Because We CAN!

Taking this approach to our health and wellness allows us to grow into optimal wellness. It makes it easy to manage choices when we are out and about as well as to love ourselves through difficult situations where we might feel as if we are missing the mark.
What does “Good. Better. Best.” look like? Well that depends. Take eating vegetables as an example. Everybody knows that eating vegetables is something we SHOULD do DAILY. For someone who rarely never eats vegetables Good could be eating literally 1 fresh green bean or spinach leaf. But for that person who eats 5+ veggies a day Good could be eating 2 extra green veggies on top of their 5.
Think about fresh & in season produce. Yes that is considered the BEST option. But if you do not have a way to store the fresh produce then frozen is your BEST option, provided you have freezer space. But if you don’t have freezer space then canned becomes your BEST option. 
See how the Good. Better. Best. approach considers where you are today and what you have currently have available? All free from guilt and shame.
Don’t let fear of making mistake stop you from making the best #healthyeating choices you can right this moment.