Food Dexterity

We all know we should eat more vegetables, but actually doing it is an entirely different story!  My Food Dexterity program teaches you the skills to easily navigate your food habits.

Food Dexterity is straight forward and works by creating daily eating habits of abundance. This means you are not attempting to restrict your favorite foods. Instead you simply begin incorporating more of the good stuff into your daily routine. This is the EXACT food augmentation plan I developed for my own personal use – way back in 1994.

No rocket science. No supplements. No specially formulated food products.
Just good old fashioned, real food available at your local grocery store.

I am available to help you develop and implement a strategy to achieve these goals through private, one to one coaching. We will work together to identify your goals and design a sustainable path to live them.

Here is some of what you can achieve through one to one coaching:

  • Easily adapt your existing eating habits to include more vegetables.
  • Prepare one meal for the entire family.
  • Develop a guilt-free, shame-free relationship with your lifestyle, exercise, attitude and food habits.
  • Eat better in less time, for less money with less clean-up.
  • Impress your friends and family with crazy delicious recipes that are secretly packed with nutrition.

See the Plan

I believe when we know better we can do better. That is why you can review the entire Food Dexterity plan for free. If you decide you’d like my help putting it into action subscribe to the plan that best meets your support needs.

All subscribers gain access to my personal Food Dexterity plans and recipes in addition to their coaching sessions, group forums and how to videos.

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Food Dexterity PREPARATION

Does this all sound good, but you’re not exactly sure how much time or energy you can put into this right now? But you still really, really want to give it a try and know you need accountability & inspiration. The Food Dexterity PREPARATION subscription gives you one 30 minute coaching session every 6 weeks. This is an extra slow and gentle approach to augmenting your food habits.

$40 USD billed every 6 weeks
1 coaching session included per 6 week cycle
$25 USD enrollment fee

Food Dexterity ACTION

Are you ALL IN and ready to DO THIS? The Food Dexterity ACTION subscription is perfect for those ready to get started NOW. With eight 30  minute coaching sessions per month you will have plenty of support as you create your abundant daily eating habits.

$199 USD billed monthly
8 coaching sessions included per month
$25 USD enrollment fee

Food Dexterity DEVELOPMENT

Have a handle on the how all this works, but still looking for inspiration and accountability? The Food Dexterity DEVELOPMENT subscription provides four 30 minute coaching sessions per month to strengthen your daily eating habits.

$99 USD billed monthly
4 coaching sessions included per month
$25 USD enrollment fee

Food Dexterity MAINTENANCE

When you have mastered your day to day eating habits but still want to check in, get help putting together your grocery list or a recipe revamp you are ready for the Food Dexterity MAINTENANCE subscription.

$25 USD billed monthly
1 30 minute maintenance session included per month
$25 USD enrollment fee

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